Privacy Policy

This agreement for Car Wash Services between Customer and Sparkleyourcar LLC Registration No. 1702318.01 Operating The above-mentioned parties hereby agree to the following terms:


Booking will be booked and agreed on as per the timed booked through the website, application, and call center. If the customer would like to reschedule any of the washes he/she must give 24hr prior notes otherwise the customer be reliable for the full wash price.


You are required to make the payment for your car wash in advance when you sign on the contract, at the price set out in our service menu. Any amount unpaid will result in us not servicing your vehicle.


We will perform the services selected by you from our service menu with all reasonable skill and care. Whilst the company shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that its agents shall take reasonable care of the vehicle whilst in its custody (including without limitation where the vehicle is washed and cleaned), the company shall not be liable for: Damage to, loss of the vehicle or any part of it, or any of its accessories or any of its content and/or Where such liability is proved to arise, and only to the extent it is proven to arise, as a result of negligence, a criminal act or breach Customers should keep their belongings with them or safe place before leaving the car with the agents Customers are requested to deposit their valuables in a safe deposit box or other secure place prior to leaving the vehicle in the Company's custody.

Terms and Conditions continued

You must disclose to us all defects, damage, or weakness in your vehicle, known or suspected by you, which may be affected by the services prior to our commencing with the cleaning process. We do not undertake to insure your vehicle against loss while it is in our custody. Insurance of your vehicle is at all times your responsibility. Old or non-original paintwork can be damaged in the cleaning process. All such defects shall be indicated to our staff prior to commencement of the cleaning process. Child seats and booster seats must be refitted by you. We will not be able to refit seats under any circumstances.

Some cars are automatically locked the company or its agents are not liable for keeping the keys inside the car by the customer. Older cars may have weaker plastics and we agree to provide the services at your risk in respect of vehicles over 3 years old.


Any payment or booking information provided to us, will only be used by us and will not be distributed or given to any other organization. Any washing details, equipment with our ownership is not to be shared with any other party that includes taking pictures or videos of employees or washing procedure in case of breach of the above we will have the right to raise it to the legal authorities