Sparkleyourcar is a Car wash company that provides a mobile care wash service to the customers.


Our Packages

We offer seven packages that you may choose from. If you are looking to customize a package for your vehicle, please contact us for further details.

Become Our Partner

Anyone can share us according to the following steps :

  • 1 Send your personal name and company name .
  • 2 Send in the number of cars you have.
  • 3 Send the record number .
  • 4 Send a contact number .

Where You Find Us

We are located in most of the countries of the Middle East .

  • Jeddah
  • Al Khobar
  • Mecca
  • Riyadh
  • Medina
  • Dammam
  • Amman
  • Cairo
  • Soon
  • Soon

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We Sparkleyourcar Wherever You Are

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We work as much as possible to satisfy our customers and answer their questions.

Sparkleyourcar team come fully prepared and have all of the necessary supplies to complete your wash. Please make sure that your vehicle is open if you are receiving a wash that includes a detailing of the inside. Also, please make sure that the location you are ordering your wash from allows commercial vehicles and washes to be taken place.
Please make sure to enter in your promo code before ordering your wash.
From the home page of the app, click the three lines on the top left of the home screen and apply your promo code to the promo code section. You will know if your promo code has been accepted because a message of “activated promo code” will appear. Your promo code is only applied to your total once the wash is completed. Please make sure to enter in your promo code prior to ordering your wash for it to be applied towards your total.
After selecting the package you would like to receive, a plus (+) sign will appear above the car icon. From there, you may select the number of cars you would like to have Sparkled.
From the home page of the app, click the three lines on the top left of the home screen and click on share it will give you options to share it using different methods, you will be provided with a promo code as soon as you share the app.
If we are not servicing your area yet, a “Region not supported” will appear on your screen when you try to request a wash. Please note that we will update you as soon as we are Sparkleing near you!
After selecting the package you’d like to receive, please click the calendar icon. From there, choose the date you would like to receive your wash and your time availability. You will receive a notification once your order has been accepted.
Unfortunately, there is the possibility that your Sparkler cannot make your order. Please request your order again and we will do our best to locate another Sparkler for you.
When your Sparkler is on the way, you will receive a notification. When you are in the app, you will have the ability to contact your Sparkler, or by calling the call center and they will connect you.

Say Hello To Us !

contact us and we will respond as soon as possible .

Phone : 0115101944
Email :